The Alumni meet  was started in 2019, under the aegis of DME Alumni Cell. Alumni meet is a platform where alumni of the institute can relive their their college life. It includes cultural activities, games, and many other amusing activities followed by scrumptious dinner. The aim of alumni meet is to establish a long term relationship and to encourage sustained sence of belongingness to thei alma mater. This is a symbiotic association benefiting both the parties ain many ways. The alumni meet helps this connection alive and active.

Email: alumni@dme.ac.in


The Alumni meet has following two aims:

Developing and strengthening our association with our alumni and nurturing it for long term.

Giving opportunity to alumni to develop their network with other alumni spread across the world.


A long term association between alumni and the college with quality data base that supports in placement ,mentoring, training and various activities.

Branding of institute through positive word of mouth and social media post.

Alumni support in organizing several events, conferences and workshops.