It’s a Student Driven body under guidance of faculty members. The purpose of this Club is to have a student led event management at DMS. Catalyst Club students will provide onscreen/anchoring and backend support for the department level events.


  1. Two DMS Faculty Incharges per Academic Year
  2. 30 students [all three years] per Academic Year

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To develop a sense of initiative among students and promote student led event management at DMS.


To inculcate managerial skills among students to handle events and programmes in an organized manner so that they can learn resource optimization and real time management.


  1. The objective of this club is to hone the communication skills of students and develop their confidence so that they are comfortable on stage.
  2. Bring students in the leadership role wherein they can handle events and programmes with the support of the faculty mentors.
  3. The role of the faculty mentors is to groom and train students for Events conducted at DME campus.


  1. To develop confidence and sense of initiative among students
  2. To give them hands on experience of handling events
  3. To instill resource optimization and time management – important managerial skills among students


  1. Freshers Party Celebration
  2. Farewell Party Celebration
  3. Youth Day Celebration
  4. Teachers Day Celebration
  5. Any other special day designated by DMS from time to time



  1. To develop all round personality of students
  2. Better managerial skills
  3. Better event management skills