It’s a student driven club under supervision of faculty members. The purpose of this Club is to have to hone the writing skills of students. Students through this club contribute and manage the DMS Newsletter, Social Media handles, Conference Special Issues etc.


  1. Two DMS Faculty Incharges per Academic Year
  2. 30 students [all three years] per Academic Year

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To generate students’ interest in writing and recognize their skills at an institutional level to support their learning efforts.


 To hone and develop writing skills of students and promote student engagement for DMS Newsletter and social media handles.


  1. The objective of this club is to hone the writing of students and develop their confidence so that they can contribute at a professional level as well.
  2. To give them an understanding of writing and managing social handles
  3. The role of the faculty mentors is to train students in their writing assignments so that they are able to identify their mistakes and improve.


  1. To get their work published in the DMS Newsletter
  2. To understand management of social media handles of an organization
  3. To improve grammar and written communication skills
  4. Co author papers and case studies with faculties
  5. Develop event reports
  6. Develop content for various types of media



  1. To boost confidence among students
  2. Better writing skills
  3. Better employability with improved writing skills and content management
  4. Get work published as add-on to CV’s