Mentoring Cell – Parents Mentor Mentee Meet



Mentoring is given utmost importance at DMS. Mentoring provides students with guidance and counselling for their day-to-day problems and career related decisions.  As a part of mentoring, Parents Mentor-Mentee Meet (PMM) are being held for students and their parents twice in every semester. This helps in informing parents about their ward’s academic progress so that they can support their child in the learning and developmental process. This is a continuous process till the end of academic journey of the student at DMS.


The PMMs keep the parents informed about the attendance and performance of their wards from time to time and helps in guiding the students to choose right career paths for jobs, higher studies, entrepreneurship etc

Parents and Faculty members cohesively chart the developmental progress of the student and also it helps the faculties to understand students more closely through their parents.

It facilitates the communication between parents and mentors and leads to an exchange of expectations between the two sides.


The PMMs help in bridging the gap between the parents and mentors. It disseminates all the relevant information about the institute and course to the parents and keeps them updated about their ward’s overall performance at campus.