It is a faculty driven body with active student-body support to bridge the gap between academia and industry practices and prepare the students to take up leading finance roles and positions.


  1. Two DMS Faculty Incharges per Academic Year
  2. 30 students [all three years] per Academic Year

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This club intends to impart knowledge of the financial markets to the students and to give them an early exposure to the market shades and trends. To nurture the finance-quotient of the students and fosters an environment that encourages a culture of continuous learning and application of the same.  The Goal of Finance Club is to promote a professional association within the realm of finance.



Omega –The Finance Club endeavors to bolster students’ financial acumen and provide a common platform to share and discover the A-Z of Finance. This is achieved by participation of students in the financial market through programs, workshops, seminars and competitions, hosting guest lectures from eminent personalities from the field of finance.



The club intends to provide:

  1. Comprehensive understanding of the finance industry.
  2. Learning opportunities to understand financial jargons / terms.
  3. Awareness about recent trends, Budgets and developments in the field of finance.
  4. Student employability for finance internships and placements.
  5. Working knowledge to the students about various financial softwares.


The club provides the following opportunities for the students:

  1. Build a network with Finance Professionals from the industry
  2. Gain hands-on experience of working in finance
  3. Learn working knowledge of various financial softwares



Following shall be the outcome on being part of the club:

  1. Higher and better job placements and internships with a wider industry reach.
  2. Financially knowledgeable and trained students who are well-prepared for the financial services industry.



To foster and promote students interest in financial world and increase their financial acumen, the club will conduct the following activities:

  1. Act as a forum to discuss current issues.
  2. Workshops/Panel Discussions
  3. Budget Analysis Seminar
  4. Bulls and Bears- DME Investors Street
  5. Finance quizzes
  6. The club will act as a facilitator for career progress by connecting students, industry, alumni and academia