Skill Cell – Workshops, Courses and Certifications


At DME Management School (DMS), we believe in the KSA approach (Knowledge, Skills and Approach). The knowledge is provided through academics and industry exposure. While, skill development for students is ensured through skill-based workshops and practical hands-on training courses. DMS has organized various workshops and training sessions in the past – Excel Training Workshops, Soft Skill Development, Digital Marketing, Resume writing workshops etc. For these sessions, the domain experts and veterans are invited to provide specialized training to students.


BBA is a professional degree course and without the skill development part any professional course is incomplete. A true professional has a perfect knowledge with right mix of skill sets.

The aim is to develop skill levels among budding management professionals so that the transition from campus to corporate is smooth.

To provide a competitive edge to students in the current job scenario. The skill enhancement helps them to perform better once they enter into the professional world.


Skill Sets are extremely important in the corporate world. Most of the corporates expect management schools to provide skill-based training and not just knowledge-based learning. Through a series of workshops, courses and certifications, DMS aims to build corporate ready individuals.